Uprooted by Naomi Novik



This book was absolutely magical. I loved it and think it should get 4.25/5 stars. Here’s Why.

Things I Liked: 

The pacing of this book was pretty excellent. I found myself flying through most of the book without being able to stop. It was engrossing from the first page! The story was different but still referencing some old fairy tales I have heard before. The dragon, the magic, the world building. It was great. Just, really, bloody great.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Okay, so even though the pace was great and I loved the story, some parts were a struggle to get through. Certain scenes were described so painfully slow, and I found myself accidentally skimming through these sections of the book. I didn’t think it was boring by any means, but the plot got lost a couple times throughout this book.

The relationship aspect of this book was a bit problematic. I can see it being a trigger for some people. There were parts where I was yelling at the main characters and other elements where all I could do is shake my head. I am sure this was done on purpose, but I figured I  would put a warning out there.

Final Thoughts:

If you love fantasy, dragons, castles, magic, and fantastic world building, this book is definitely for you. It brings you into a magical land of wonder, and it makes you want to stay.

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