This is something I wrote in junior high. As you can tell, I am posting all my poetry from the past. It is the best way to tell my story, without giving you a novel no one has the attention span to read. This one was the story of my life 15 years ago, and even today it reminds me of what I went through.

everywhere I look there is sadness
overtime I turn around there is madness
people on the verge of insanity
I look at them
they look at me
for once
things are as they seem

tears of fear
tears of pain
tears of sadness
tears of madness
tears that may never leave
tears of joy
tears of excitement

tears like these no longer live
they might never go away
but there is something I can say
when people do not try to care
the problems are still there

error shines right in their faces
it is like they are two different places
all I see,
are flooded streets
I walk down
and feel the stares on me
I take the time to listen to them
but how will all this help

why can’t people see the problem

feel their pain
its like cpr
you save a life
you get respect
but if you don’t care
you can’t see all this

when I say tears
it is not just a cray
when I say fears
you must ask why

rain of emotion
emotional tears
drowning their sorrows
leaving behind
if you look
if you think
you will see
more than you’ve ever seen

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