Short Poems

Here are a series of short poems that I wrote and felt didn’t need to be longer.

Nothing is ever in black and white
no one admits to any fright
flowers bloom in the coldest of days
people always succumb to the fray
nothing is ever just a shade of gray
many colors describe this haze
trees are dying in hard times
people always conform to the lies


each day is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes
each lie is like an allergic reaction with rashes
each chapter in a book being burned
nothing is given and nothing is learned
breathing in this new found air
pretending daily not to care
everyday I drown in the stress
everyday I forgot what I have felt
all I need is one little break
all I need is to learn from my mistakes
I have no idea what to do
each minute passes and I’m losing my cool

push me off this cliff
I’m just going to fly away
further and further
away from your gaze
further and further
out of this daze

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