Peace and Love, Man.

Though I am not fond of writing about happy subjects, I gave it a go with this poem.

Peaceful dreaming.
tranquil sleeping.
empty fears
no more nightmares
uniting against adversity
complicated diversity
being apart of society
belonging somewhere
no more being alone
no more feeling vulnerable

roses blooming
tress are growing
birds are singing
cloudless skies
and cool breezes
different suns
for different seasons
no one ever needs a reason

a reason for love
a reason for peace
a reason for need
a reason for want
a reason to cry
a reason to be free
a reason to feel
a reason to be

no more fighting
no more murder
no more illness
no more judgement
no more terror
everyone gets along
everyone acts as one

in a world where everything is full of hope.
in a world where everyone can be themselves
in a world where peace isn’t a myth
in a world where diversity is a normality.
in a world where people work together
in a world where dreams come true
is a opportunity for purity and truth

i dream of this place.
i wish it was real.
maybe someday,
but for now,
i will wish upon a star,
and try my best,
to understand myself.
i shall be all i can be.
do something bigger than myself.

let this place stay in my dreams.
and we shall be all we can be.

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