Honoring Heroes

I wrote this while I was in the military. I recently lost a friend that I cared a lot about and writing was the only way I could cope.

naked trees and frozen breezes
crimes of passion without reason
frosted dew upon the grounds
they lay helpless without sound

tears are falling down their faces
as they run at their sped up paces
clouds are lingering around the city
the storm has come and without pity

the quiet is stopped with their screams
fear so strong they fall to their knees
afraid of the battle that is to come
they begin to pray for the strength to run

endless fighting for an erroneous cause
they lay their dying without pause
broken promises linger in their hearts
they are asking for a new start

the rain now pours down on their souls
light has begun to fill their holes
evil hearts they try to mend
broken spirit is what they send

maybe now they can be in peace
the battle is over for now at least
they stand up and dig their graves
for the many people they could not save

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