Communication and its Woes

You never realize how much help you really need until there is no one there to help you. Between moving heavy boxes and trying to figure out if the picture is crooked or not, simple daily tasks can become a chore! Thank god for Dustin. Without him, I’d probably be dead somewhere because I tried to reach the top shelf by climbing, and well, we all know how that usually ends. Life would take a dark turn without him, and I realize that more and more, as we venture further into our relationship.

Communication seems to be a common problem with most couples. Some couples are super sensitive, others don’t give a shit about whom they hurt. When it comes to our relationship, we are good mixture of both, but never when it is convenient. Of course, that is just God playing his usual games with humanity. Nothing too major to worry about. I have noticed, however, that communication does help when both parties are willing to participate, which is the case with the two of us. We are never afraid to yell back, and we are never afraid to stand up for each other. That by itself will help us grow into a strong couple with a sturdy relationship. Great, now we sound like a car.

Long story short, if you can’t get the balls to tell people how you feel, than you don’t deserve to be in a relationship to start out with.

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