My Un-American Dream

White Picket Fence, 2.5 kids and a dog, housewife with giant tits and the perfect hair-do? No thanks. I like fast cars, loud motorcycles, and taking pictures of my boyfriend wrenching motors and riding Victory motorcycles. Housewife, stay at home mom, diamond earrings? No thanks. I like college degrees, 50 hour weeks, and a hard-earned paycheck. Everyone wants to live the “American Dream,” but what about the rest of us? I choose to live the Un-American dream, where I decide my fate based off of my own actions, rather than a century old stereotype!

I grew up knowing that my life was supposed to be earned, not given. Working hard is all I know, and reaching for my dreams is all I can do. Do I want a family and fur babies? Of Course! It is a fundamental human need, and I am in fact, human. (as far as I know) Every non-typical girl tells you that they “aren’t like other girls.” Guess what? I am not going to tell you that because I AM like other girls. I like high heels, and shiny cars, and makeup, and dresses, and jewelry. I will not lie by pretending to be something I perceive to be more acceptable. That is not what I am about. What makes me different? I don’t actually know if I am.

The differences I see in myself versus other women is that I genuinely don’t give a fuck if your metaphorical dick is bigger than mine. Size only matters when you need to compensate for something. This is a well-known observation! Humans are inevitably inclined to compare dicks. In the motorcycle world, we call it the day of the dick measuring. “My bike has a bigger wheel than yours!” or “Dude, I can’t hear your exhaust over how awesome I am!”. (that last one is an actual quote from bike night one Wednesday night) Do I want a bigger, faster, stronger motorcycle than you? Duh, I’m competitive. It is in my nature to want the best. However, it is also in my character to want to strive towards being the best. I want to earn it. I want to stand in the winners circle knowing I worked for it. This is not a participation trophy for the game of life! You can go through life two ways:

  1. Flying under the radar until you die. People don’t know you are, and you leave no footprint upon the earth
  2. Live like you believe you need to, and then die knowing that you aren’t truly dead!

I like to call my life, “Living the Un-American Dream.” Am I American? Yes. Do I have dreams? Yes, but I strive towards the dream of living life instead of watching it from the box suite at the hockey game. My life has consisted of curves and turns that will make you dizzy, but it is the life I have chosen for myself. Frankly, it is the life that God has chosen for me. I am the stereotypical American, but I am living the Un-American dream because I will not conform to the perceptions of others! This does not mean that I think I am the black sheep, nor does it mean that I think I am above being like-minded with the masses. All it means is that I am unafraid to be deemed un-American.

Who cares if I don’t appeal to people. The only person in life I need to impress…is myself. I have to live with me no matter what, so its time I get cozy with the reality that is my mind. I served my country, and I give back to my community. That may not be the American way in 2018, but it is my way.

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