And so it begins…

So, you are probably wondering why the hell, the title of this blog is Library of Kaos. Well, it beats the shit out of me except for one basic fact. My life is a Library of Chaos that never ends but still includes wonderous opportunities for greatness. Books, poems, essays, movies, Star Wars and other random topics are what I enjoy writing about. I love to read and review books. I love to watch movies and compare them to similar forms of art. I love Star Wars, which you will soon discover. Most of all, I love to write.

Why Chaos with a K? Because I can. That’s why. 🙂

My name is Krystal with a K, and welcome to the Kaotic Random explosion that is my blog.

By Emily Dickinson

I hunted all the Sand —

I caught the Dripping of a Rock

And bore it in my Hand —

His Mighty Balls — in death were thick —

But searching — I could see



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